Girl Just Wanted to Have Fun...

Each week, Patti tells us she's faced with her toughest clients yet, and the millionaires on season finale of Million Dollar Matchmaker keep the streak alive. Both Courtney Stodden and Shondo Blades are all about that fast-pace, fun-loving lifestyle. And we're wondering: Are either of them actually looking to find love?

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What Twitter Learned from the #MillionDollarMatchmaker Finale

Looking for an example of everything not to do on a first date? The season finale of Million Dollar Matchmaker has two.

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Sneak Peek: Courtney Stodden Is Revealing EVERYTHING!

A wild child and MMA fighter check into the Millionaire's Club.

Patti takes on her youngest client yet, the infamous wild child Courtney Stodden who train-wrecks through her date and MMA fighter Shondo Blades, the one-man show who goes barking up the wrong tree!


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Million Dollar Matchmaker's Candace Smith's Top 10 Outfits That Stunned Us!

Patti Stanger's right-hand woman, Candace Smith is always searching for the perfect partner when it comes to her Million Dollar Matchmaker clients, but when it comes to her clothing? It's a match made in heaven! Here are our favorite looks from this season!

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Meet the Millionaire's: Check yourself Before You Wreck Yourself!

This week on Million Dollar Matchmaker, infamous teenage bride, Courtney and former MMA fighter with a penchant for speaking in third person, Shondo check in to the Millionaire's Club in search of a match made in heaven. Can Patti train these millionaires to focus on the present, ditch their partying ways and learn the lessons they need to truly fall in love? WE will see during this week's episode, but until then, here is a little more about the millionaires!

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